Data management

OKTE, a.s. carries out its competence in the area of collection, management and disclosure of measured data pursuant to § 37 section 4 letter c) point 1 of the Act No. 251/2012 Coll. on energy and on alteration and amendment to certain laws (The Act on Energy Sector). OKTE, a.s. operates according to the Act on Energy sector, the Act No. 250/2012 Coll. on Regulation of Network Industries (The Act on Regulation), in the extent according to the Ordinance of the Regulatory Office for Network Industries No. 24/2013 Coll. determining the internal electricity market rules and internal gas market rules (Market Rules) and the OKTE, a.s. Operation Order (Operation Order). Business activity listed above is regulated and is liable to price regulation of the Regulatory Office for Network Industries.
Electricity producers, system operators and direct lines operators are obliged, under the terms of the aforementioned legislation, to access and enter data into the OKTE, a.s., information system and are responsible for the accuracy, timely provision and completeness of the provided data. Data are being utilized in the Imbalance settlement, Disclosure of the data, and the Central invoicing of selected services processes.

OKTE, a.s. performs:

  • Receipt of the validated measured data

OKTE, a.s. receives data for each individual intake (consumption) and uptake (delivery) points from the following entities:

  • Transmission system operator,
  • Regional distribution system operators,
  • Local distribution system operators,
  • Direct lines operators.

OKTE, a.s. receives the measured data for each individual measuring points from:

  • Electricity producers.
  • Receipt of additional data in relation to the registered data management:
  • Basic information on intake and uptake points,
  • Basic information on measuring points,
  • Data on interconnections between systems, systems and production sites and production sites and direct lines,
  • Information about switching of supplier or balance group,
  • Information on the suspension or renewal of distribution / transmission / delivery,
  • Categories classes of type diagrams on consumption, normalized and converted values of  type diagrams on consumption.
  • Disclosure/Publication of the measured data

OKTE, a.s. discloses the measured data for individual consumption and delivery points (CDP), aggregated data, balance sheets, and statistics to:

  • Subjects of settlement,
  • Electricity suppliers,
  • Regulatory Office for Network Industries,
  • Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic.

Access to selected data is enabled to authorized electricity market participants. A market participant can create statistics for a chosen time; track increase, respectively decrease in consumption and delivery points within its balance group and measuring in quarter-hour raster for the selected period. Government bodies have access to predefined reports necessary for the fulfilment of their authority in energy and regulation.