The Board of Directors of Slovensk√° elektrizańćn√° prenosov√° s√ļstava, a.s. via its resolution approved assignment of OKTE, a.s. to perform the activity of the Local issuer of EIC identification numbers (EIC codes), with central registration and recording of EIC codes as well as with setting procedure upon determining identification numbers which are being allocated and registered by transmission system operators, direct line operators, and electricity producers pursuant to the ENTSO-E standard.

In regard to this decision SEPS, a.s. shall finish issuance of EIC codes on 26.06.2013, i.e. applications for EIC code allocation delivered to SEPS, a.s. after 26.06.2013 shall be forwarded to OKTE, a.s. for handling.
Identification through EIC code was developed by ETSO (European Transmission System Operators - association of European operators of transmission systems) with the registered seat in Brussels where there is also a central database of codes. The EIC code is specifically designed for the energy sector.
Identification through EIC codes is the first step leading to the implementation of a standard for data exchange on the European electricity market - i.e. ESS. Implementation of the standard will streamline a number of technical activities covered by co-operation between operators of transmission systems and will allow flexible trading within the European area while ensuring clear identification.

Procedure for applying the assignment of EIC code¬†

  1. Download, please,¬†Application for assignment of EIC code
    Filled template (including stamp and signature of the authorized representative) shall be sent to the address:
    OKTE, a. s.
    Milan Tr√°vnik
    Mlynské nivy 48
    821 09 Bratislava
  2. In order to speed up the whole process, please, send the template "Application for assignment of EIC" in electronic form by¬† e-mail to the address eic@okte.sk
  3. Assignment of EIC will be promptly notified to the applicant by e-mail addressed to the contact person and delivered by post as well.

Reference to EIC codes:

EIC codes issued by SEPS (until 26 June 2013)
104 kB, July 23, 2013

Issued EIC (prefix 24X)
June 22, 2020

Complete European list of EIC codes

Offices issuing EIC codes

EIC Check Digit Calculator
9.6 kB, November 8, 2013