Changes in Technical specification of external interfaces of the system (from 1 April 2021) due to changes in product portfolio

With the aim of improving the quality of provided services, OKTE, a.s. has decided to adjust and broaden the portfolio of products supported within the trading platform in the day-ahead timeframe.

The modification will enable the market participants to submit unlimited number of orders as well as new types of products (simple block orders, linked block orders, flexible orders and exclusive groups of block orders). At the same time, the support for orders with the overall acceptance of the first block will be discontinued.

The expansion of the portfolio reflects the current needs of the market participants trading on the day-ahead market and, to a large extent, involves the harmonization of the individual products tradable across Europe. The usage of the new products will also cover the trading possibilities of the market participants during the expected future milestones related to the operation of the day-ahead market - the Interim Coupling and Core FB MC projects.

New changes and products will be available to market participants as of 1 April 2021.

With regards to the preparation of the release of the new products in the day-ahead platform, OKTE, a.s. published an updated version of the document ‚ÄúTechnical specification of external interfaces of the system‚ÄĚ (available in SK and EN) to enable the day-ahead market participants to prepare for the changes related to the portfolio expansion.

More information regarding the changes in products supported by OKTE’s trading platform as of 1 April 2021 will be communicated in course of February 2021.



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